Explore Tokyo in 5 Days

Christmas is almost nearing and what better way to spend the season than to be with our loved ones! Nowadays, most of us would even make advanced plans and see out of town/out of the country trips as a perfect idea to make holidays extra special. Christmas is considered by many as one of the best and most-awaited seasons because of how it is being celebrated – with Christmas lights gleaming almost everywhere, Christmas trees seen in every corner of the buildings and homes, glitzy decorations, Christmas music, week-long vacation, happy faces, and holiday travel plans.

Tokyo, for those first-time travelers or people who would simply love to explore the city, is a perfect getaway to spend the Christmas season. Especially those who live in tropical countries who don’t normally experience snow, Tokyo is the perfect place to start exploring cities during winter.

Read on and find out where to explore the beauty of Tokyo in just 5 days.


1. Lake Kawaguchi


2. Oshino Hakkai


3. Gotemba Outlet


4. Tokyo Disneyland

Minnie Mouse Tanabata Days 2015 Tokyo Disneyland

Christmas Wishes Signage


5. Tokyo Disneysea

Mysterious Island Tokyo DisneySea

Aquatopia Tokyo DisneySea


6. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower seen from the bottom


7. Asakusa Temple


8. Nakamise Street


9. Odaiba



10. Ginza Street


11. Harajuku Street


12. Shibuya Crossing



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